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Worship And Production Team.JPG
The mission of the Production Team is to create a worship experience and environment that leads others to a closer place with God all while giving Him the praise, glory, and honor He deserves.
Volunteer opportunities include:  audio/visual engineering, video editing, website management, filming sermons and promotional videos, and being apart of the worship band.
First Impressions Team.JPG
The mission of the First Impressions Team is to effectively set the tone for the service on the front lines, to connect with first time guests, create a comfortable environment, and pave the way for Jesus to work.
Volunteer opportunities include:  parking vehicles, greeting guests, brewing coffee, and give gifts to first time guests.
Sprouts Team.JPG
Sprouts exists to lead children into a growing relationship with Christ by creating an environment of learning, fellowship, and fun.
Volunteer opportunities include:  teachers, teacher's assistant, and child check-in specialist.
Cleaning Team.JPG
The goal of the Cleaning Team is to create a clean, sanitary and safe environment at Decided Church. It is our responsibility, and even our privilege, to keep it neat, clean, and organized.
Volunteer opportunities include church cleaning specialist.
Maintenance Team.JPG
The goal of the Maintenance Team is to be good stewards of that which God has blessed us with.  The Lord has been generous enough to allow us to have a building in which to worship Him. It is our responsibility and privilege, to keep the grounds attractive, 
neat, and honoring to God.
Volunteer opportunities include: indoor maintenance technician, outdoor landscaper & indoor/outdoor waste remover.
Hospitality Team.JPG
The purpose of the Hospitality Team is to follow-up with first time guests and serve church family members by comforting those in seasons of loss and rejoicing with those in times of celebration.
Volunteer opportunities include:  writing "thank you" cards, coordinating meal trains, hosting dinners for first-time guests, and planning baby/wedding showers.
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